Our History

Over 300 Years

We’ve been continuously family-run since day one.  The farm and ice cream operations are currently managed by the 9th generation.  As the business has grown and our operations expanded, we've been lucky to attract some of the best herdsmen, farmers, and dairymen to join us.

Settle in America

The Richardsons came to America in 1636, after having been farmers in England. They first stopped in Charlestown and then helped settle the pasture lands of Woburn.

Farming Begins

By 1695, David Richardson moved from Woburn to Salem Village, which is now part of Middleton, Massachusetts. David started Richardson's Farm as it is known today.  For the first few generations in Middleton, the Richardsons were mostly subsistence farmers: milking cows, raising chickens, vegetables and any other food needed to sustain the family through their normal daily activities.  From those humble beginnings we continue on today.  The Richardson's have milked cows in Middleton every day since his arrival (more than 300 years or 109,500 days straight).

Dairy Distribution

By 1900, the farm began growing with more and more cows. Hazen K Richardson was in charge. With his two sons, Ben and Hazen M, they started bottling, selling and distributing milk in 1917. The farm expanded to over 1,000 cows by 1934.

One Perfect Ice Cream

In 1952, Ben and Hazen Richardson set out to make “One Perfect Ice Cream.” A decade later, our ice cream stand became a local favorite with over 50 flavors to choose from (a remarkable achievement at the time).

Branching Out

In 1978, we launched our wholesale business, delivering our ice cream to other dairy stands, grocery stores and restaurants throughout New England. Our employees make us proud.  Farm, ice cream, milk and delivery staff have been with us for years, and our scoopers, mostly students, come back summer after summer.  Family involvement and employee longevity ensure consistency.

Richardson's Today

Today, our flagship ice cream stand in Middleton, Massachusetts remains on our dairy farm.  The ice cream stand now has an all season dining room, complete with outdoor tables and fountains.  Customers both appreciate and enjoy our immaculate grounds and a chance to visit with the cows that make it all possible.  Golf Country offers our customers hours of fun at two miniature golf courses, batting cages and a driving range. Our second ice cream stand at Jordan’s Furniture Superstore in Reading, Massachusetts has been a larger-than-life addition to our family. View amazing jelly bean sculptures, including a banana split made from over 2 million jelly beans. A trapeze school, Liquid Fireworks, and IMAX Movie Theater combine to make this site another prime choice for spending quality family time.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Ben and Hazen succeeded in making "One Perfect Ice Cream," as evidenced by our awards and acknowledgements (many we’ve received multiple times), including:  Boston Magazine: Best of Boston, Northshore Magazine's Best of Northshore (BONs); TV's Phantom Gourmet:  Hidden Jewel, Great Ate, and Gourmet Greatness rating;  TV Diner with Billy Costa: Featured Ice Cream Experts;  Dairy Farm of Distinction Award.